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1.Authorities and Responsibility:

(1)Office Director:
Superintend business planning and promotion, and give advices.
(2)Section of Material and Asset:
Responsible for account management of finance and property, planning, execution, practice, review and advice of the medical material and asset.
(3)Section of Procurement:
Provides planning, execution, review and advices about purchasing process such as property and personnel service.
(4)Section of Dispatch:
Responsible for planning, execution, review and advices about stock dispatching process.


Procurement, checking on delivery and account management etc about various kinds of property and equipment (land, house, mechanical equipment, traffic and transportation equipment, other equipment and so on)
Procurement, checking on delivery, stock, dispatch and account management about medical care materials, pharmaceuticals and executive articles
Various personnel services and purchase.
Planning and promotion of stock goods management.
Coordinating and managing supplies and washing of bed quilt and clothes
Planning and management of other supplying work.

3.Goal Achievement Management:

Following annual budget, one must carefully take expenditure of procurement in this hospital in control to reduce disbursement of prime cost, to achieve 90% and above of executive goals, and to improve hospital operational achievement.
Management of Inventory: appropriately lower the required amount of stock goods, control applied and collected amount and above turnover rate with economic procurement. Aim to reduce prime cost waste caused by expired stock goods and unused goods.
Making an inventory of stock goods: goods are stored in a safe space open for public access to ensure working quality and consistence between account record and stock goods. In addition to enhance supervision and training to staffs, stock room is closed once every year for making an inventory and irregular routine checking is carried out every quarter year. Currently the consistence between account record and stock goods is up to 99%.
Property management: make an inventory of property every year and irregular checking in peacetime, and investigate using condition of valuable instrument every year to ensure consistence between property account record and goods.
Keeping the progress of equipment’s annual checking on delivery in control.