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President Tsai meets Nauru President Baron Divavesi Waqa

最後更新日:2019/7/8 16:56:23
President Tsai meets Nauru President Baron Divavesi Waqa

    President Tsai Ing-wen, accompanied by Vice President Chen Chien-jen and his wife, met with Nauru President Baron Divavesi Waqa and his wife on the morning of January 8. She expressed gratitude for Nauru's strong support for Taiwan, and for the passage of Nauru's first resolution supporting Taiwan's meaningful participation in the United Nations (UN) system. President Tsai also expressed hope for continued cooperation to promote mutual development.

    In remarks, President Tsai first welcomed President Waqa and his wife once again to Taiwan. She noted that in May 2018, President Waqa made a transit stop in Taiwan, giving them the opportunity to meet at the Presidential Office. Since then, international circumstances have continued to change, and Pacific nations have held a series of major regional conferences.

    The president pointed out that she was most deeply impressed by the 49th Pacific Islands Forum, presided over by President Waqa, where he expressed strong support for Taiwan. She then extended her sincerest thanks on behalf of the people of Taiwan.

    President Tsai also noted that in September of last year, Legislator Hsiao Bi-Khim (蕭美琴) led a delegation to Nauru to attend the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarians' Union General Assembly and Council Meeting, where she acted as vice president and won the right to host the 2019 Assembly. President Tsai said that she welcomes Nauru's delegation to attend. She also said that these interactions are the foundation on which our strong bilateral friendship is built, and that she is happy to see President Waqa and his wife leading a delegation to Taiwan so early in the year, continuing to deepen our relationship.

    The president also pointed out that in the new year, we will continue to face ever-changing international circumstances, but as a responsible member of the region, Taiwan will do its best to ensure regional peace and stability, and promote prosperity and development.

    President Tsai pointed out that last week she sent a clear message to the rest of the world on behalf of the Taiwanese people, reiterating our attitude towards cross-strait issues, and that she was sure President Waqa had seen our position. The president once again emphasized that Taiwanese oppose "one country, two systems," and that this position is shared by all of Taiwan's political parties. This is 2019's most important Taiwan consensus. She also said that she believes the best way to solve problems is to sit down and talk things through. We are willing to engage in talks with the Mainland China government, as long as there are no political preconditions.

    The president further stated that based on this position, we will continue to strengthen our cooperation with like-minded friends in the international community and contribute even more to the world. She specially thanked President Waqa and the Nauru government for their longstanding support for Taiwan’s international participation.

    President Tsai mentioned that last year, President Waqa proposed a resolution supporting Taiwan's meaningful participation in the UN system. The Nauru Parliament passed the resolution, the first time Nauru has used its legislative process to support Taiwan. She also said that at last year's General Debate of the UN General Assembly and UN Climate Change Conference, President Waqa spoke up for Taiwan, and we truly appreciate such strong support from our allies.

    The president closed her remarks by expressing sincere gratitude, and the hope that Taiwan and Nauru will continue to cooperate internationally, respond to challenges of all kinds, and collaborate to spur mutual development.

    President Waqa opened his remarks by thanking Taiwan for giving his delegation such a warm reception. Nauru and Taiwan have maintained a deep friendship for many years, he said, continuously offering mutual assistance, especially through bilateral cooperation. President Waqa then said that he was extremely grateful for Taiwan's support for Nauru. In addition to allies like Nauru, he said, Taiwan also helps many other countries in the Pacific region, and thus has many regional friends. President Waqa also thanked Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) for leading a delegation to last year's Pacific Islands Forum.

    He then said that President Tsai's leadership ability and visionary planning have Taiwan moving in the right direction, including greater international participation, and Nauru very much hopes to continue collaborating with Taiwan. He was very happy to usher in 2019 by leading a delegation to visit Taiwan and express Nauru's appreciation, and said he hopes to visit often in the future.

    President Waqa also emphasized that although Nauru's population may be small, his country is Taiwan's steadfast friend, treasures our bilateral ties, and hopes that Taiwan's regional influence will continue to expand so that our bilateral cooperation will grow even closer.

    The delegation also included Nauru Ambassador to the ROC Chitra Jeremiah, accompanied by Foreign Minister Wu along with National Security Council Secretary-General David T. Lee (李大維).

President Tsai meets Nauru President Baron Divavesi Waqa

President Tsai meets Nauru President Baron Divavesi Waqa

President Tsai meets Nauru President Baron Divavesi Waqa

President Tsai meets Nauru President Baron Divavesi Waqa

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