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Since 5/29/2020, the following patients may have visitors

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LastUpdate:2020/6/19 13:38:34

Since 5/29, the following patients may have visitors: 
1. disabled patients,
2. critically ill patients,
3. patients who have been hospitalized for 7 days,
4. patients in intensive care units,
5. patients in hospice and palliative care wards,
6. patients in the Respiratory Care Center,
7. patients in pediatric wards,
8. patients in psychiatry wards (visitors of psychiatric patients need to book the visit in advance).

Visiting hours: 10:30 – 11:00 am
Visitors: 2 each time.

One person (including the ward helper) is allowed to accompany the patient.

Those who enter Taiwan from another country within 21 days are not allowed to accompany patients.